Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PolitBuro Sessions

PolitBuro Sessions: NUFF SAID!
By Mak Manaka

In the name of music
We move to the uncompromising sounds
Of the one-eyed General
Young and old
We soldier on
Jiving free from race politics
Our nightmares are swallowed
By the delicate orders
Of urban rhythms.
On the dance floor we are colourless
Fearless in the eyes of Armageddon
Holding hands
Like lovers in a storm
And lonely hearts
Have the Dj as their companion,
The poet recites our smiles
While eclipsing passion
With tears of joy
And married men move with the night
Despite of time
Everybody is out tonight
Even the shadow boxing junkies
With fingers that have gone yellow around the edges
And also the Newtown rastas
With Jamaican tongues
“Bless mi Lord
            Fire still.....seen?”
Politburo is our own multicultural platter
With more than just music on our plates
We sang the night in colours of unity
Though some tip-toed across the dance floor
Staggering and shouting the lord’s name
Coz they cant handle waters of Babylon           
And so they babbled on,
Stumbling and mumbling sounds of Armageddon
Shikisha was another planet in Newtown
Pieces of Politburo can be traced back
To the first sound a child makes after birth
Its all love baby,
Its the Nuff Said Kollective, my love
So lets a take ride down memory lane
With Tidal Waves jamming in the background
Coz some memories are hard to let go
They exist only in the centre of our souls
Untouched by circumstance.
The Politburo is me and you
That loud music of pure peace
At the end of a Rainbow.

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