Sunday, November 28, 2010

Drunk Night

Drunk Night.
When the Fat lady…
By Mak Manaka

Three young teenagers, they were all virgins and they all loved to talk about females, but none of them had actually experienced tales they told. Every day they would sit under the blazing hot sun smoke a lot of what got them talking fables, ganja, they would go on about how they shagged them stinking asses zabo folhoza (KEMPIES), until one night they came across 3 voluptuous chicks.

They were in a club when they met the GIRLS (Destiny’s Child, the fat version), amagita were chilling at a corner of the club bumping only their heads scoping the steez and dressed up all commercial, so one of these dudes out of no where had the courage to visit the bar and while he was ordering drinks that’s when they struck him, he felt shell shocked glued at the sight of these fat ladies, he couldn’t move until he urged to breath out the letters, “HELLO” as if he was dying of serebos, the ladies responded so quick and pleasant as though they were begging for someone to socialize with, the now cool guy took them to the dudes who were still as they were when he left for drinks, they did that intro bull and danced the whole night.

These birds were so ugly even the mirror rejected their reflection yet alone their image, they were all dressed in tight minis and I mean isigqebezana, they looked as if they were taking pride in advertising their oversized silicone which seemed a bit explosive, but still mshito utswela pele, magenge hooked themselves up with these overweight two legged creatures.

One of these young teenage cats enjoyed ukudontsa iwire (wanker) every time he saw a phly bird passing by, he was the tallish slander bujwa looking type of brother with a feminine facial posture. He was the type that would land him self any girl he so desired, this dude had the looks that matched his walk and the clothes my god, this cat was off the hook but he had one problem though, nigger was afraid of pussy.

So after 5 straights of VO MARTELL and 3 bottles of VODKA the world seemed to be upside down, they were now drunk.

It was two for two outside the club “DA JOINT”, one of these ladies was home alone for the weekend, and so they all went there drunk and shit smelling like a bottle store, but everyone knows, that when drunk Amstel smells like a perfume and tastes like pizza.
When they got there, these cats chilled outside smoking cigarettes and were like “yeah tonight’s the night, we are going to prove our manhood” more like stepping into manhood from boys, as they went in the house, the girls quickly ran to the room as if they were planning something for the night, so amagenge laid back on the sofas talking about how they were drinking, kissing and squeezing these girl’s asses back at the club. They were talking aloud until the cloud of noise became part of the particles forming the thin air of silence caused by three half naked topless ladies with red, orange and green thongs.
Black men’s faces were full of smiles and starting to sober up as the ladies slowly spread their thighs and sat on top of them, kissing them up and down, until the first couple stood up and went to the bedroom and the other two couples followed and went to separate rooms.

The lady in the green thong was so drunk, just as when the dude was bout to ‘prove’ his manhood she passed out. The lady in the orange thong cautioned the cool cat, “stop I am about to puke” and so she did. For the other bujwa cat with the lady in a red thong, things were on the right track, the night was going as planned but with only one problem though, dude kept on missing the iron gates I mean he couldn’t locate his bearings and the lady continuously saying, “that’s not it”, shaking her head side to side.

When they got to the hood the next day back at the corer, they told of stories that never took place but at least they got to experience a woman’s thighs, tongue and tits, even though they were over weight.                

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